Aug 12, 2010
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looking for 3 players for a network game

epl with other countries league

ill set it up
im in for that but never done one before so have to bare with me if thats ok
any night but thursday is cool for me, not quite sure how it works though?
clarkiebaby = not worry about it
WelshXtreme = im free most night apart from saturday

If your both in, i'll be making the game tomorrow morning and start when ever, but i wouldn't be on tomorrow evening.
Just say when you want to start. Ill send you guys details on the game when ive set it up.
well i'm interested but i got like work tomorrow night (don't work everynight its a spare time type thing, i'm only 16 :L) and i normally have collage Wednesday nights but yeah :L
No idea how one works but would love to have the opportunity to run a club into the floor with awesome mismanagement online... lol :p

i'm free most nights not much at the weekend though.
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