Dec 23, 2011
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right was just doing a career with a friend to practice for a longer career we plan to do later. he was chelsea and i was man city. i bought falcao 53million, hummels 30 million and fellaini 25 million, now we play eachother in the community shield, therefore like 3 days before i picked my team. on the matchday, i was dobule checking my team when the game just processed, it decided to change about 6 players in my team, i could then pick a team talk. i went 2-0 after about 20 minutes, so i decided to bring on my 30 million defender and 25 million midfielder which for some reason the computer decided to bench, then it didnt complete the subs, and i was no longer able to watch the game or make subs. come half time it just said "leave match" which i did and lost 3-0, i would of like to think it would have been a different story if my 53 million pound striker had even been on the bench. does anyone know why this may of happened, is it a bug or something to do with my prefrences?
have u still got hamachi, if so delete it.
turn off the auto continues. might help.
all of them, if its auto continuing you i would take them off and just keep an eye on the game status to click on your game. but the timers and force continues are linked i think; if the host reloads the game and set just a 30 sec timer for every day moving and no other force continue timers you shouldnt go on holiday as it sounds like you were put on holiday by the timers.