Feb 12, 2010
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Never played this before. Whats it like, is it worth it?
Joining like 6 seasons into a game is ***** but getting one that's just started up is awesome. Not worth £15 a month though

played what?

FM Live
Holy ****. 15pounds a month...... No thanks, I pass.
Why play FMLive and pay 15 quid. Play free online in a net game.
Oh my bad guys. They've changed it now, you have to buy the game from steam for £15 and then it's £7.99 a month after that.
not even worth 7.99 a month lol, put it in perspective with other games that charge a monthly fee and what they consist of. It's an Outrage!

Fm live was pretty cool last time i played, some guy told me theres some stupid tactic thats impossible to beat so i gave up after hearing that sounds bit gay and a waste of time. Only played 3 games lol.
I think its worth it, considering how many hours per month you get out of it for the cash. The gameplay is awesome!
FMlive was a good idea but as with all online games there's away to cheat and scam your way to the top which people always exploit.

After awhile you get fed up of losing to these teams the teams that cheat and the people that have 3-4 teams on a gameworld and are so sneaky SI cant catch or prove there doing anything wrong. The youth side of FMlive was fun for awhile but only being able to protect 5 of your players from 23+ is a joke i ending up losing half of my youth sqaud about 5-6 seasons in.
As shadowmaster773 said FM Live will be relaunching this month and will now be £4.99 pm to play.

I know I am going to give it a go. I haven't played it for many years now, back when it was in it's infancy, but I think I am ready to dedicate some time to it.

There is some interesting information about the relaunch on their blog...
Sean im one of the moderators on one of the gw's ive lost many ours playing it now its re launching its going to be a whole lot better its worth a go if you haven't played before
I know when I played the Beta I put a lot of hours into it. I'm looking for a more casual experience now though. So I only have to login every few days to play my games.