never played network before, have some questions


Apr 5, 2009
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well as the title says, ive been playing FM since the 2009 edition, but ive never played a network game yet, so i have some doubt about it.

So as far as I understand, in a network game an X number of players become managers of different teams right? so then, how does it exactly work when someone isnt there? does everybody has to be on for the game to progress? if not what happens with the person that aint on?

also, whats the max number of players?

thanks for the answers, and sry if this is explained somewhere else, as i cant find that somewhere else if it exists ;o
max number is 32 but it isn't advised as it will seriously slow it down. 6-14 is the optimum number i think. the host can set a timer for a forced continue or when everyone has pressed continue. you can play as long as the host is there and if people aren't in the game then the assistant manager takes control of their team or if people are online but have to go eat or something then they holiday and the assistant manager takes control again. That covers everything I hope. Any other questions?
nope, thats pretty much it, thanks a lot for the answer ;o the players not being there is a doubt ive had for a long time, i may be joining network games sometime soon then :)
if you are dedicated and interested then i am starting up my own network game.
I am but now now, thanks for the offer, got lots of exams coming up in the next 2 weeks ;o