New assistant: Unwanted deal offers to my players and empty Statistic/Analysis window


Jun 13, 2013
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After two seasons I started the third season with a new assistant manager and two strange things start to happen:

1. My player were offered new deals by someone (not me) and I get a message like "Ebert snuffs new deal. Ebert has rejected Hertha's offer of a new contract". The player is not a youth player (he is 26 yrs old). And my assistant has no control over my first team (except that I automatically apply opposition instructions)

2. In my first game on the pitch, the assistant gives no specific advice ("just say nothing") and on the pitch during the game the "Analysis/Statistics" windows is empty. He gives me no input about the game. Could this be, because he is brand new and has not build up any knowledge about my players?

Looking forward to some hints
The "empty" Analysis Window does not show the assistant name

This must be connected to the problem: The Analysis Window on the pitch does not show the Assistant name. It shows no staff name at all, but just the club name. So it seems as if there is no one in charge to give me that kind of statistical/analysis information during the game. But that is what an assistant is for isn't it? Is there any other place expect of "Team policy" where I can see and tweak what my assistant duties will be? On the Assistant staff window I can find no place to give or take duties to him...
Assistant can not be fired

And it seems I can not fire the assistant either (terminate contract has no effect).