Dec 6, 2009
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St James park

The dressing room was silent, I looked around everybody's heads were down i could see another loss coming our way thanks to Spurs and Defoe and Modric. I had lost all hope the players just did seem up for it just as i was going to deliver my team talk then Kevin Nolan arose "Come on Lads our Performance has been beyond rubbish we owe it to our fans and manager to give it a right go." All the heads arose the captain's war cry had rallyed everyone in the room including me i decided there was no need to keep our defensive shield and decided to take off Tiote and bring on Macheda and change our formation to a 4-1-2-1-2. The players came charging out for the second half i held back Macheda and told him "Son, this is your chance to shine show Man Utd why you should be a starter and that you are going to be a top striker." He gave me a checky smile and ran off down the tunnel.

I took my seat and looked around this iconic stadium i wanted to make everyone of these fans pround we were 10th in the league after finishing 12th last season . . . .

Spurs kicked off and we put them under pressure a soon as defoe rolled the ball we limited the space they had i could see the flair players at spurs were getting frustrated we were getting stuck in and i was liking our new attitude Spurs had just got a throw in from another great tackle from Carrol and Modric had recieved the ball i feared the worse he had dominated the midfield but Buonanotte stole the ball and we looked to lanch a counter until Modric lanched a ruthless scissor tackle which could easily led have led to a broken leg i absoulte went crazy i lept out of seat and charged towards Harry i gave him an absoulte blasting he just stayed in his seat the 4th offical had to hold me back he knew Modric was in the wrong. the Ref produced a straight red and Modric was off the game was in our favour.

20 mintues had passed and spurs where still hanging on i feared the man advantage wouldn't count Spurs played it round the back and Gomes kicked it out it was poor kick that found Smith who played an inch perfect through ball which split the defence and found it way to Macheda who went round Gomes and sloted it in. There were no celebrations just straight back down the pitch for the kick off

i looked at the scoreboard 70 mins gone and we were still behind but it all looked to change when Nolan played the ball to Carroll and he passed it to Macheda and he was through i was certain he would score i was out of my seat ready to celebrate until i saw the lanky frame of gomes throw him self at the ball with a fingertip save to stop it i couldn't believe it it was ssave of the season without a doubt. I was down but my team seemed to grow in confidence. Brunt took the corner knowing he had one man he could aim Andy had King and Huddlestone on him but there was no other opinion he whipped it in and Carroll forced his way past both defenders and lept up to meet the oncoming ball everyone knew it was going to be on target but was it in, it seemed to stay in the air for hours until it rippled the back of the net and we had drawn level i was over the moon and the player were too. but now i felt we could win but the players were tiring but all the cards were in our hands.

It seemed as in the first time since i had taken charge we could challage the best teams. It seemed like deja vu Nolan recieved the ball and looked for Andy who looked for Macheda he had the ball at his feet but he couldn't go round gomes as he was surrounded he went bottom left corner the ball flew past gomes and looked like it was going in until it cannoned off the post onto the other post and rolled in. Federico came running to me and gave me a bear hug followed by the rest of the team i couldn't belive we had came back. i pushed them all off and told them to go finish what they started and they did Mr Harlsey signled the end of the game i was ecstatic i went to Harry to offer a hand skake but he was already down the tunnel i was to pround to care.

I had just got home empty as usual i looked around i had nothing in england except for Newcastle i turned on the tv to channel 405 sky sports and looked at the top stories expecting to see our dramatic win but instead i saw that gerard houllier had just been sacked and i was favourite to take charge i took it as just media talk i was tired and it had been a great but tiring night .

Darsley park
I arrived at Darsley Park expecting a great atmosphere from the players but all i got were the players looking like they were some were else i told the players that after there win yesterday that they deserved a break i sent them home early i pulled Nolan awayand asked him what was up with his players " Emmanuel there afraid that your going to leave them and so am I." He left and i even though i had given it a second throught could i leave Newcastle i get to my office when the phone rang i picked it up expecting to be one of my scouts delievering a report on 1 of the players i was scouting for next season instead it was Randy Lerner asking me to take charge of Aston villa he promised me everything a manageer would want a large transfer budget and a great structure

Could i leave Newcatle. . .
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