New Career Starting Tomorrow Any Thoughts ??


Dec 5, 2009
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Hi Im Birmingham and have signed good players like Christian Benitez and Douglas Costa (unbelievable!) and they are doing well for me but i am fed up of starting the season well and then falling off at the midway stage and loosing a number of games in a row resulting in a low finish after a promising start.

Has anybody got any ideas how i can stop this happening there is the "lack of discipline" comment going around and i dont change the team a lot and tend to have a set starting line up, is this the problem, any ideas?

I plan to start a new season tomorrow, probably signing the same players so new ideas will be tested :p 8-|

Starting line up;

Douglas Costa (playmaker, Long Shots, Dribbling etc)
Ferguson (Sits in Midfield and sprays it about)
Hleb / McFadden
Benitez (Small Man / Dribbler / Finisher)
Zigic (Big Man / Target Man)
well to maintain discipline you can try the following things:

get coaches that have a high level of discipline - the coaches be more demanding and make the players more disciplined.

be tactically consistent and rotate players in squad - players will remain happy and have no need to flip out on the pitch or in interviews. ( also helps if you use normal or soft tackling)

Praise your team on number of occasions and offer them new contracts :)

there's probably more but can't of much :)
Lack of discipline is mainly when one of your players gets sent off, you have to give him a telling off or a fine, if you don't do it, the squad will start complaining.
What About training do u train the team together or split them into defence, midfield , attack? More detailed? or just let the coaches get on with it, i worry if i dont train them all together ?