Feb 13, 2012
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I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong forum or even if it should be made, but I got this idea for a challenge scenario or a whole new game type, which in my mind would fit well with FM.

I think we've all thought at some point that it would be fun to start up our own club and work our ways up from the lowest league. But how would it be done and how could it be done to perfection. To be honest I'm not 100% sure of every aspect of the game type, but I figured a few interesting pointers to go from.

First of all, my idea was that when you created your club, you started with making your philosophy, play style, goals and such, and then after that you would be presented with a few scenarios, of which you would only be able to chose one, which could be something like these.

1. The money man and the reputation. Obviously you would be backed with immense amounts of money(adjusted to your league and club size) and you would get a reputation boost, which would lead sponsors and players(gold diggers) to your club.

2. The youth and facilities. In this one you would be presented with regens adjusted to your league who would be able to progress throughout the leagues with your guidance, some might make it all the way to the top, some will not, and will only follow up a few leagues. And on top of that your get the facilities you would only dream of, good enough to make the most shaky talent a star.

3. The parent clubs from heaven. This one would be money efficient and probably a safe bet to make you succeed in your first few seasons, but make it harder when you reach the top of the divisions. You would be given a few parent clubs from your nations best league, who would happily send reserves and talents to your club.

4. Starting with legends. In this one you would be starting your club with your nations retired legends, if you started in England it would be, Beckham, Shearer or players like them, maybe Cascoigne. And they would start out playing on your team, and then later on be on your staff. It would obviously give you an increased reputation with having such stars on your team which would attract other players. And to make it a fair choice the legends should not just be average staff, but top tier.

5. You are on your own. No help, just you.

I don't know maybe this isn't the best idea, but I find that it would be a fun thing to do. And maybe not all that hard to implement, since they already have the regen system. They would obviously have to add a few more leagues, but since the teams are already added, they could just fill them with regens and go on from there.
Wow I actually didn't know you could make your own challenges or teams. Might have to try it out.