Feb 7, 2011
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basically im the football maanger who usually sticks within the europeon part of the world and to be honest im finding it a bit the same i want to venture out of europe try somthing new my criteria is a club in a preety good or up and coming league with a big transfer kitty ive never been a man who knows my foreign leagues well is there anyone who can give me some suggestions on what club i should pick
Try Santos in Brazil, some great youth players and a decent transfer budget along with a competitive league
thats a good thought do you know what the middle east leagues are like
no sorry, all i know is that they have quite a good transfer budget but the quality and players in the league are ****, you wont be able to watch the matches cos it is not proper football
yer but maybe my influence on the football will make them world class :p

i may give santos a go they already have a great team thats the only shame