Aug 10, 2013
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I have done this database where i have made up a new country and divisions in it with new teams. It will be in the custom scenarios/databases (http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=7985). If you like or dislike this database can you give feedback on what you like and didn't like as i can improve it and might do it for FM14. Also Post your Results here.

Zantopia is a new Island country which is oil and tourist rich in money. They also have a very passionate football community and a well funded league made up of two divisions
, Zantopian Division 1 and Zantopian Division 2, with 8 and 10 teams in them respectively. From division 2 to 1 there is one automatic promotion and one play off promotion. Zantopia is an english speaking country.


Zantopia City (Capital) 4
Grunsborough City 2
Dartington City 1
Hampton Town 1
Focxmarket Town 1
Patheton City 1
Gippesmead Town 1
Sealbay Town 1
Hintlecove Town 1
Dorly shore Town 1
Brittsbry City 1
Felixwhich City 1
Newpool City 1
Colton Town 1


Zantopia City - They are one of the football clubs that play in the capital. they are fierce rivals with Zantopia United and have there grounds less than 200 meters apart. they play there home games at Zantopia City Arena.

Zantopia United - From Zantopia City and play there home games at Zantopia United Arena (which only fierceness the rivalry between them and Zantopian City, both claiming they where first to the name of there club and stadium).

Grunsborough City - They play there games at Yellow Brick Road and have a Rivalry With Statterfield.

Statterfield - Statterfield is a district of Grunsborough City and share a rivalry with the club named after the city, Grunsborough. Grunsborough have a particular chant that they usually sing when playing Statterfield (your just a field in Grunsborough).

Dartington City - Has a local derby against Felixwhich City and play there home games at Marble Lane.

Felixwhich City - Rivalry against Dartington City and play at Zantopia Road.

Gippesmead Town - They have a small rivalry with Hampton town in Division 2 and play at River Shore Stadium, a name taken because next to the stadium is the sea and a river running past.

Focxmarket Town - A small rival match against Brittsbry City and play at Market Stall.

West Lakeside - An area in Zantopia City and play there games at the hide. they have a huge rivalry with East Lakeside, they are an area on the other side of the river George (named after the founder of Zantopia) running through Zantopia City.

East Lakeside - Another area in Zantopia City on the other side of the river George to West Lakeside, have a huge rivalry with West Lakeside and play at East Park.

Hampton Town - Play there games at Hampton Stadium and have small rivalry against Gippesmead Town and Patheton City.

Patheton City - Football club in the nice city of Patheton, they play their home games at Patheton Park and have a small rivalry with Hampton Town.

Dorly Shore Town - Dorly is a small town near grunsborough and have a small rivalry with the two teams from Grunsborough, Grunsborough and Statterfield. they play there home games at Shore Park.

Brittsbry City - The city in the middle of Zantopia and play there games at Hundred Lane. They have a small rivalry with Focxmarket Town.

Newpool City - Play there home games at Newpool Arena and don't have any real rivalries against other clubs.

Hintlecove Town - They have a strong rivalry with Sealbay Town which is on the other side of the large cove. they play there home games at Port Road.

Sealbay Town - Have a large rivalry with Hintlecove Town and play games at Bay Park.

Colton Town - They play their games at Boxtrown Cottage and have no main rival.
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are you the president of this country???lol
nice idea.Too many towns and cities though, makes it a bit confusing for me.
This is great, but how do you create a new nation?