New Cricket Season


Feb 1, 2006
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Any1 else into Cricket.
Good 2 see Trescothick back in form, n did u c dat ova from Hampshire player against Ireland, mate of mine did summit similar last season.
Was that the one who had 10 runs from 1 ball? Trescothick didn't have a too good start against Gloucstershire but he's got back in to form now with that century.
Not me I have no interest in cricket,
Don’t have a clue about it.
I just can't see anything good about it.

Just out of interest why do u like it:|
nt sure just enjoy playing it.

******* spelt cricket wrong in title
the only cricket that I like watchin is the twenty-twenty coz its just a big slog fest!!

othawise i gets a bit borin!! unless its england winning the ashes, that was pretty good!!
Well I quite like it,used to play. Tests can get borin but one dayers,esp
20-20s are excitin. It doesnt beat footie though,but if people learnt about the game they might understand it more
I like Cricket, been getting into it more and more for the last 4-5 years. Going to a 20-20 match later on this year should be fun. Yorkshire vs Lancashire be good if Flintoff's playing. Good to see Tresco back on form, should get back into the England squad no worries.
cricket is the best after football of course it was only the other day that i was talking to Matt Prior ( The England Wicket Kepper or stand in for Jones)
about what hes going to do in the future but it should be good i got a couple of tickets for some of Hampshires matchs and a couple more for Sussex's should be good come on Sussex
mayb, tresco aint in great form. 16 runs in 3 championship innings
Nothing beats beats boro basle, or boro bucharest :D esss

and whats the crack with this 1 rin 10 ball thing ?? :S

and yes i love cricket, on a par with footy
Yorkshire batted whole day only to lose last wicket in last over of the day. gutted.
My team Pontblyddyn rolled Mochdre over. Bowled them out for 99. Our Aussie took 4 wickets. 3rd thanks to a tremendous (dolly) catch from yours truly. and openers knocked runs off.