Mar 21, 2009
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Hi guys a new Prem game has just started, add me to Steam my Steam name is Boydy1984 but it might come up as Boydy122, feel free to add me and message me when you have please, quick players please and must be able to speak English, thank you.
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Also don't want people moaning about other people going for their staff, survival of the fittest, if you don't like it then don't join. sorry if that sounds harsh but sick of people moaning, its just a game, just hire someone else.
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Sorry can I ask for people from England as well, just the time difference will make it hard to sustain a long term game.
why u quit the game boydy? il still b up for doing prem if u like?!
Nah I didn't quit I decided to leave it between us as it wasn't the type of game I wanted to do, sorry.
Yeah feel free to add me, I have yet to find decent, committed players so feel free to add me Boydy1984 is my Steam name but it might come up as boydy122.
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