New Fantasy League - Criticism, Opinions, Feedback needed...


Dec 4, 2010
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I've created this custom fantasy league for the Philippines, I really badly want some opinions on how it is, and ideas in ways it could be bettered/fixed/changed, any criticism is welcome, just remember not to hurt my feelings..haha

In all fairness the most important thing seems to be the how the teams financially work, as the Philippines is a third world country trying to get the level of realism in terms of players salaries and the such. Another huge thing is the popularity of the "American College" sporting system, which is used in the Philippines as well, I"ve tried to replicate this also, which I think (is it?) a first in FM, managing a College/University team.

So have a play around, tell me what you guys think....

Thanks to the two people who had a look at my DB, did either of you any feedback for me? Hopefully I can get a few more guys to have a look at it tonight.... Please ? Just maybe load it on FM and give me a 10minute first impression of what you think?..
just downloaded it, will give u a feedback later