New fm online net game - looking for committed players


Oct 6, 2008
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Hey everyone,

looking to get a new game going now exams are over for now.

my last one lasted 13 seasons but it just fizzled out in the end

looking to recreate a game of this magnitude so unless you are sure you can maintain a level of maturity and commitment then i am not sure this game will be for you.

having said that, i also enjoy the banter and fun that comes with online games so communication during the game is important so we can all stay in contact and build a friendship within the game

if you are interested add me on steam : lyricalshekz (i know i know how embarrassing but i made it several years ago :()

look forward to meeting you and playing with you, we'll decide on leagues upon arrival.
i like the idea but im already on an online game u maybe be allowed to join our 1
add michael farrell join an english league with a few lads
added you

do you have a game running right now?

Division and rules please?