Nov 16, 2008
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Came up with an idea for a game based on what my mates and I did a few seasons ago and stayed enjoyable for around 5/6 seasons.

Each player chooses a club from the premiership/championship, preferably a bottom half of the table team and choose one player to keep such as Southampton/Ramirez. I will use the editor to remove all other players from the squad. The club is given a larger stadium capacity, high wage budget and around £100m to build a complete first team squad. Sounds easy but the challenge is you need at least 18 players so you can't just spend £30m on a couple of players.

Reputation is increased so good players actually want to sign

Stadium increased to generate money otherwise the club will go bankrupt

Looking for one maybe two players to play most evenings after 5pm. Also willing to change the chosen team's names like you would in Ultimate Team on Fifa.

Message back if interested.
You live in the UK I assume? Would be awesome if I could find some Canada based players to play with.
im interested, sounds like a good idea and im free most evenings to participate