New football fan finishing my first ever season on Football Manager.


Jan 21, 2024
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Hi guys! I am a new player here. Just recently finished my first season on FM2024, this is also my first FM game and I just recently got introduced to football by my friend. I always thought that football was quite long and didn't really see how people were hooked by it. A long-time friend bought me the game and just said try it out. I'm quite a fan of Tycoon games and min-maxing stuff in games keeps me entertained.

I love how FM is just super deep and realistic regarding the players. Even though I don't really know much about football yet(or soccer, excuse me if I don't know what term I should use), the management, the number of things to do, like trying out which tactics work, players mood and relations toward you affecting their performance, monthly budgets and transfer budgets while considering what the board and fans want, made me like the game a lot.

I know I'm just barely scratching the surface. I would like to ask what's next? I know I can continue and do 2,3 or 10 seasons more. But what can I do further to min-max my team? What do I do with my head coach's salary? If I negotiate a lower salary for my coach do my club's finances go higher?

I know there are youths that I honestly don't understand yet, and some of my main team star players got angry at me for breaking the promise when they asked the youth to play more. I thought they were already playing a lot via 21s and under tournaments.

Also, one of my backup save files kinda lost the head coach? It still says before loading the game that I still manage Man UFC but after I load it, it just puts me into a screen where I select a new head coach and asks me to use a profile or create a new one?

Loving the game so far!
Hello. Nice to see you like FM!
First, game is not realistic, but it is the most realistic football simulation. It is deep, really deep, but one you get hold on basics, it becomes much easier.

There isn't much room for min-maxing in football manager, but you can always try to tweek few things with your tactics so you get better results. But keep in mind, AI in the game is also making the changes so you need to be on your toes.

There's nothing you can do with your salary, unlike in Fifa Manager (which no longer exists) outside of one achievement.

Be careful when you make promises, always read it twice. You promised to play hot prospects in first team, not u21 or u18. Player interaction is honestly the weakest point of FM, players act like they are 8, getting angry for almost nothing.