Dec 22, 2010
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hey lads iv been playing football manager for a few years upgrading from championship mnager. but NEVER played online game.. was wondering would any of ye be intrested on setting one up. like if theres only a few of us we can pick whoever u want but if a good few are intrested then we could do a hat draw or something. when i see whows intrested then we can all discuss what time and night that would roughly suit ye. thanks lads
aw its just a joke bettween my mates that startd years ago its mainly my xbox userman but i just stuck with it, us it for most things lol
By GMT - Timezone ;), So people can gather the time differences as we have users from many different countrys. also there is a specific network game thread where this should be posted, Few Tips

Give Details of Database, Players you want to join, Preferrably Modem Speed, Leagues you want to play in. And playing times but post them in the network game thread ;)
oo hahaha! my bad
Timezone :
Ireland Time: Western European Time (WET)

GMT ( plus 0:00)
im open like i dont mind even a few joining in or a nice few, i mean iv no experience in setting up network games so if you wanted to be host or set up id join yours and be fine with that. time wise is also open mon-fri a 4 nights a week put 2 hrs n a night or even smaller days then that..its all good. for leagues could just go with england italy spain germany, just wana see the numbers before deciding on what leagues people want​
Personally myself im not looking for network games atm, I'm just trying to give you some tips on certain things.
no bother man, thanks fr advice it will make things easier have a few of those things in the back f my head