Aug 24, 2012
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Would like to create a system where the country's top division is split into two groups of ten, along geographical lines: North and South. The two groups play each other twice, and then the top 5 from both groups move into another championship to play for the title and european places, and then where the bottom 5 from the original groups move into another championship group to play for the relegation places. Then for example if two of the sides relegated are from the original North group, the two most northern sides replace them in the original north group. I know its probably not possible but does anyone know if it is?
It is possible yeah, as there are leagues in real life that do something similar :)
like the idea... not sure how you would go about making it :/
this can be done in advanced editor. only relegation might be problem because game often make mistake and mix teams from regional divisions when need to fill divisions