New Member To This Site & New Player Of The Game


May 27, 2013
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Hello everyone

Just got this game for my birthday tomorrow, never played it before, but been thinking about getting it for years as iv'e heard all my mates going mental about it.

Its installing as i type this message, think i'm going to be spurs,

any of you lot got any tips for a Football Manager Virgin
Welcome mate, its £9.99 today I think, treat yourself
You got this game today because your birthdays tomorrow? Your parents are weak ;)

But welcome to the site, take a look around, you will see tons of tactics, shortlists, and addons to help you out.
If things don't go your way at some point, don't give up. It happens to the best of us.
One major tip for being Tottenham, do NOT sell, Kaboul, Sandro, Lloris, or Bale. No matter how good the offer is.
Perfect time to get the game as the match engine is good now.
Welcome mate and congrats, hope you stick around :)

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I played the old CM sporadically myself, but didn't really start playing the game "properly" until FM 2007. I thought I was pretty good at it, but after a couple of years I realized I had been a total noob. And there's nothing wrong with that, especially when the game is so complicated. Anyway, just trying to say you will probably **** questionmarks a lot in the beginning. Just google things you don't understand, go through the different guides out there, and get a basic understanding of the game. I'm still learning new things about the game myself, so don't expect to ace it immediately. Good luck!