Jul 14, 2009
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Anyone fancy doing a network game??

Add [email protected] to discuss settings and for hamachi details.

Cheers |)

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...wow this turned out well
can anyone please tell me how that works please!?
thanks guys
Well this is in the wrong section for a start.

@duca - You need to download hamachi, Someone will host a game and you all agree times to come on and you play a game of fm from different places ;)
What you do is download Hamachi, this allows you to create a network.
People can join this network by entering the ID and Password you created a network.
Once people are in your network you go into FM > Preferences > Network, tick 'Run as Server'.
Then start a new game and save it.
Now whoever wants to join this game must go onto FM start screen, Join Network Game, Join other Network, and enter in the IP adress shown on Hamachi.
ok thanks guys

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do we have to had the same patches
ok thank you|)

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after that in fm what should i aand my friend do
sorry i am a bit noob
also i will be the host ok´