New Non league challenge video series underway

Jun 28, 2011
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I have recently started uploading a series charting my challenge to take my hometown Colne up from the non obscurity and into the football league...Hopefully!. If your interesting in following this story the link for the first video will be posted below. This could end up being an long epic journey so hopefully you can take a look and give your support and help keep it alive. Your feed back and support will spur me to carry on running with this and improve. This would also give you a chance to get involve such as recommending players etc as the season(s) goes on. Thanks for any support you guys give!

This first video is what i'm actually taking on with Colne, The level and league team is in. The players and staff I've signed, and the formation and tactics I'll be using. It also shows the second game of the season using the 3d match engine.

Football Manager 2012 Ultimate Non-League Challenge!! - YouTube