Dec 6, 2012
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Hello, I know everyone is always looking for dedicated players for 6 nights a week stuff, but here anyone who can only do 2/3/4 hours a week can join, because we all have real life stuff going on. The league would be any from the big 5: EPL, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1. If anyone is interested contact me with a private message.
Hi, i have been searching for a while for people that can only play limited hours a week as i am at uni but also have kids. So i would be interested. I have already played in england, germany and france on my own so i would favour the spanish or italian leagues. Would u include the top teams playable or rule them out as an option?
the game will start tomorrow, Sunday, 2pm UK time. It will be a weekend game only, mostly Sunday afternoons but maybe the occasional Saturday if most agree. We will begin with serie a.

Anyone interested in a casual weekend game please pm me or watch this space!
Hi, i didnt c you on FM on sunday. Are u planning on starting this weekend?