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New Regime on the Red Side of Merseyside


Dec 28, 2009
This is my first story,I chose Liverpool because their my favourite team and because they've always been a challenge on FM:p


After the sacking of Rafa Benitez Last week Liverpool were quick to install a new manager appointing Cian Hennessy as the man to guide Liverpool to success.
Sitting along side Tom Hicks and George Gillet Hennessy stated “I am delighted to have this opportunity and I intend to deliver success to the club”. Hennessy also thanked Gillet and Hicks for having faith in him even though he has no managerial expierience whatsoever.

Hennessy said that he is aiming for domestic and European success and aims to improve the squad and nurture up and coming youth talent.

He will have to do this on a tight budget though,as Liverpool outstanding debts will limit his transfer funds,Hennessy even stated he will have to spend to buy.



Dec 28, 2009
Tactics,Wheeling and Dealing and the Pre-Season

Changed the bones of my backroom staff as shown above,all training categories are now 4+ stars:)

I only had £2million to start off with and only 50% of funds brought in were to be spent on transfers so I had to sell big,but I think I've done pretty decent in the transfer market

Players Out

I think I got some great offers for players such as Reira,Lucas,Babel,Dossena,Voronin and Degan.Even N'gog was sold for £10million which i though was a great deal considering he's an average player.I offered these players to clubs for the what i thought i could get for them,generally 50% more then their value,this worked well for me as the majority of players brought in a nice bit of transfer kitty:D.Shakthar and Fiorentina seemed keen to buy my players,and i duly obliged(H)
£65million pounds was brought in after selling these players but only half was to be used on Transfers which left me with £32.5million to spend.

Players IN

Roberto Soldado:A technically good striker with a good goal scoring record will provide great back-up for Torres.Cost a bit at £10.75million but I think he's worth it.

Simon Vukcevic:Another technically gifted player with high ratings for finishing,first touch and dribbling and more,came cheap to I feel at only £3.8million.

Cristian Rodriguez:Technically gifted and creative,Cristian Rodriguez is now my number one left winger,costing £6.5million I think he will be a sound investment

Joaquin:Another new winger.Joaquin cost me £7million plus two players,I think this was a good deal as £7million is considerably cheap and the two players were not in my plans.Like Rodriguez,Joaquin is technically and creatively good adding a new dimension out on the right.

Lacina Traore:A young player,I have high hopes for him,cost £1.5million so should be a good investment whatever way he pans out.

Mahamadou Diarra:Got him on loan,cost 850k with an option to buy for £5million pounds,a good signing considering he's a better player then Lucas and has lower wages(only paying half).Will provide cover for Mascherano.

Overall Spending=£30.715Million


I decided to play the old "Christmas Tree" tactic,with a flat back 4,one Defensive midfielder,two wingers,two Attacking midfielders and a loan striker.


GK:Goalkeeper/Defend-Reina Best Player
RB:Automatic/Full Back-Johnson Best Player
LB:Automatic/Full Back-Aurelio Best Player
CB:Central defender/Defend-Carragher Best Player
CB:Central defender/Defend-Skrtel/Agger Best Players
DM: Defensive Midfielder/Defend-Mascherano Best Player
RM:Winger/Attacking-Joaquin Best Player
LM:Winger/Attacking-Rodriguez Best Player
AMC:Advanced Playmaker/Attacking-Gerrard Best Player
AMC:Attacking Midfielder/Attackin-Vukevic Best Player
ST:Complete Striker/Attacking-Torres Best Player

I decided to go with this tactic because I feel it plays to all og my players strengths,with Mascherano protecting the back line and the two attacking midfielders giving support to Torres,roles made for Gerrard and Vukcevic.My two wide players are supported by the two full backs that push up when attacking.The "NO" outright centre midfielder issue doesn't bother me as I feel Masch can stop attacks with his great defensive skills.

Starting Strategy:Attacking
Passing Style:More Direct
Closing Down :press more
Tackling: Default
Marking:MAN MARKING(no zonal:mad:)
Crossing: Drill Crosses
Roaming:More Roaming

The only thing that concerns me is the depth of the squad,which may show some problems towards the back half of the season.



Liverpool 5-0 Liverpool Reserves=Scorers-Benayoun,Gerrar,Kuyt(2),Torres
Liverpool 2-0 Leeds=Scorers-Carragher and Benayoun
Liverpool 0-1 Bristol Rovers
Liverpool 3-0 Yeovil=Scorers-Kuyt(2),Traore
Liverpool 2-0 Colchester=Scorers-Traore,Johnson
Liverpool 4-0 Preston=Scorers-Torres(2),Gerrard,Kuyt
Liverpool 1-1 Blackpool=Scorers-Kuyt

A good Pre-Season in my mind Dirk Kuyt was very impressive scoring 6 goals.

I would also like to single out Lacina Traore,the young striker Scored two goals,He's looking impressive already.

Soon will be an up date on the start of the premiership plus a huge incident that affects all 20 teams in the Pemier leagueoO)