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Where should I start my next save

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Jan 26, 2017
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Please help me pick my next save as I'm struggling with who to go and where to start
Boavista might be a good side to try!
I have been looking at them actually, last team in Portugal to win the title outside the top 3. The other team I was looking at in Portugal is Académica de Coimbra in the 3rd division
Academica would be good too, a pretty good stadium too that wouldn't need any work!
I'll just leave here some potential Portuguese teams for your save then.

- Boavista FC: Last team to win the league besides the "big 3" Porto, Benfica and Sporting. They are currently in a bad place financially and had a transfer embargo but I'm not sure when it's lifted.

- Belenenses: The only other Portuguese team to win the league besides the big 3 but they have an interesting story. In simple terms their board had a disagreement between members and the club was divided in two: CF Belenenses and Belenenses SAD. Belenenses SAD is seen like the black sheep in this situation since they kept pretty much everything whilst CF Belenenses had to start from the beginning in the 3rd division. There's two main goals for this save: the first is to overtake Belenenses SAD and the ultimate goal is to make them champions again.

- Académica de Coimbra, Beira-mar, Olhanense: All teams that used to be in the top flight but have been struggling lately.
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