New Skin WIP

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Nah straight skins are the best. I hate curvy pap.
Yup I love straight skins. Unless the curvy ones are done extremely well by someone who knows somehing abou design the they are just unusuable.
ha i sat there for a while waiting for it to load , didnt read the header bit!

i wouldnt mind a new skin though if it takes my fancy - could do with a freshen up

ill look forward to the finished version
looking good i like it..wish i could help but i know jack about graphics and such. I will just pass judgement :rolleyes:
Looks ok but I prefer the curvy skins, this looks all too flat and lifeless. If you can beat the mercury skin then i'll get it but I doubt that a lot, cos that skin pwns.
your skin is nice, but the only thing i dont like is the thing at the top of it, if that would be at the bottom, you would make me happy!
Looks OK but would prefer the uppermost breadcrumbs at the bottom. To be honest I normally prefer a more rounded skin, but this does look nice. Keep up the good work mate ;)

The position of the search bar is good too
This looks great Redders, hope you continue this as looks better than any other header on any skin imo. :)

Any progression on it since?
Erm, match titlebar almost done got uni work to complete this week though so wont be much progress.
If you need any help Redders I'll give you a hand :D
Cheers Sean, will bear it in mind.

I have been finishing the match titlebar in some spare time, here is what i have "achieved" so far, tell me what you think and what can be improved.


I do plan on moving the team names up to the scoreboard text level, just forgot about that. I also plan on using different fonts on the skin than the standard..
The large rotated logos would look nice, would sort of set the straightness off. If you know what I mean!
Sorry if I'm buggin ya, but you got any further? :)
Gave it a rest just before exam and to do an assignment, hope to get back into it soon.
Any progress yet Redders?
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