Mar 10, 2010
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Ok so i've started as an Arsenal manager,doing quite well,made a request for a new stadium which the board accepted. They started planning,and the date of completation has passed and I havent received a single message.

You probably don't have the funds to build one in your balance.

It should be higher,but shouldnt i get a message saying the name of the stadium,its capacity ,etc ?

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Could it be because our stadium still has a sponsor deal?
thats your planning thats gone through. at the end of the current season it will start to build which takes an additianol 2 years. strange thing to ask for seens as your paying off the emirates. 60000 is a good attendance with arsenals ticket prices
Last season we had an average attendance of 99% for prm , so a bigger stadium would be useful

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Also we only have 88M left to pay,not that much. Also the chairman might be sugar daddy, i dont know,but when he arrived he built better facilities and paid some loans.
It just means that planning is done, the building actually hasn't started yet.
I know,but shouldnt I have received a message with the new stadium information?
Ok,but seeing the season ends by june, and he planning ended in may,wasnt it supposed to be in the end of the season prior to current one?
if they havnt announced it before pre season then they will announce it at the end of next season i think, wouldnt of thought they would start work mid season. just like real life a long process. is the bar still there and the planning is at the end? it hasnt dissapeared has it?
At the moment, 8th December,the bar is exactly like in the first picture.

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Havent got a delay message neither.

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mmm strange. the board are saying you will have it built by the end of the season. in my newcastle one it took a year for the planning then an additional 2 years to build. i cant help you mate i presumed thats how they all would work
Needed to bumpt this, mainly because I'm havin probs myself. The board won't buy the stadium thats being rented out, saying there's insufficient funds/not enough fans. I'm in the championship after startin out in Northern Premier. Has anyone found a way around this? Cash definately isn't a problem either. Don't want to spend the rest of my career, with a club that has a 10,000 capacity that wants to get in the prem
Its okay now. Finally got it done. Buying the first one too. Ooooooo it feels soooo satisfying :D