New Super League Season...


Jan 6, 2009
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Just Wondering if any of you Rugby League fans think Wigan will defend there well deserved title they gained last year or do you think Leeds, Saints or maybe even a rise from Warrington, Hull Fc or even Bradford (shockingly bad last year)

Warriors FTW!!!!


Wigan have to be made favourites. It will be interesting to see how Saints new aussie coach will do. I don't think Leeds will be able to match Wigan and Bradford don't have a chance. I believe that if they finished above Huddersfield it woulde be an excellent season for them. Warrington have a chance but aren't enough of a winter rugby side to compete for the league, if they can address that then they have a chance.
My contacts say warriors have been put through **** in pre-season like last year
so should be mega fit again, will be the real test for McGuire this year to see if he is the real deal and can back up last season

Who do you follow mate?
I support Batley as they are my local team but in Super League my team is probably Huddersfield. Dont like Leeds