new update???


Sep 17, 2005
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when is the january transfer update going to come out or a latest patch from sigames?
I don't know about sigames but i have made my own patch. I can upload it if anybody wants it :)
is it any good?

with all the new transfers?

im interested in a really good pdate that works and has stat updates
i dont update stats ***** the game right up if you do that..unless you work at si and know what your doing
yeah thats what im waiting for!

hope one comes out soon thats realistic and makes all transfers and stats up to date and fixes a few bugs :)
theres one over at FM-Britain, not sure how good it is though I haven't downloaded it yet. ;)
Who knows. Brum says mine is good so you could use that :p
I believe it was just yesterday that I popped over to SI Games only to find an announcement on the soon to be released, 6.0.3 patch which will have all the appropriate up to date data and will come to fix a few niggling final issues that people are having with the game.

Should be released in a couple of weeks or so, maybe sooner, if memory serves correct. Just keep popping into the sports Interactive website, they’ll announce it on the front page when it releases. ;)
Yes there is going to be a new patch in a week or three with some fixes (I can get a list if anyone really wants one).
anyone seen the new patch. pompy get a transfer budget of £45m
Mikey B said:
anyone seen the new patch. pompy get a transfer budget of £45m

Whats that all about? do you reckon it could be another bug becuase not even man utd got that at the start!
no, one of my mates said its because someone put in a massive cash injection for 49% of shares.
Someone took over the club irl...roman abramovich style...
Well not quite Roman Abramovich style as I'm sure it's at a much smaller scale :D