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New World...Again


Sep 17, 2005
Well due to cheating or too much money on the fml world it was split in two and reset so players had a fee when signing them. i was doing amazing was ahead of Sean for a bit anyway and was top rank in my fed.Reset was really bad. we got given no money to sign players and there fee's were shocking. The only way to do well was to be in debt as i found out by asking alot of players. They also did something to the match engine with constant injuries and disallowed goals i think people moaning caused them to reset it again. Just thought i would update you all when considering buying the game.Hopefully now theplayer fee's will be a bit more resonable or they will give clubs a bit more cash. If things had stayed the way they were i would not be buying it and i wouldnt recommend it however on the origional world i would have. anyway moan over, Sean will prob say i'm being a baby