Jan 10, 2009
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Right, I know this may not be a favored formation, due to the seemingly lack of attacking width, but actually after lots of tweaks over 2 seasons it's seen my team (Newcastle) have a remarkable rise.

Starting the game as Newcastle, you don't get too much money (only 3 Million after the update) and you don't have any worthwhile wide players (Gutierrez, Marveaux, Obertan) but you do have excellent attacking full backs, which led me to chose this formation. The 1st season using it the results were average, I had a horrendous patch of form during the Christmas period which highly influenced my 7th place finish. The furthest I got in a cup was the Quarter Final (F.A and Europa). The 2nd Season- As I watch the games I see quite a lot of how the tactic works so there were 1 or 2 quite obvious defensive flaws which over the summer I managed to bed out (thanks to individual role changes) this, along with other changes (sacked Assistant Manager and changed training intensity/topic and coaches) I finished a comfortable 5th and won the F.A Cup.

Now in my 3rd season, I'm in late December 2014 and the results of more summer tweaks (Changed Wing Backs to Full Backs) and some good signings have been incredible. I'm 1st in the League on December 27th and have only conceded 6 goals in the Premier league. Played 19, won 17 drew 2. This was completely unexpected from my end, I was just hoping to get a Champions League place and a really good run in the Europa. I have also won every single game in the Europa League and the Capital 1 Cup. I have only conceded 4 goals in doing so as well.

The tactic is not flashy, It doesn't score hundreds and hundreds of goals, it gets you a few don't get me wrong but it concentrates on keeping possession scoring enough to win a game and not conceding. The CB's sit deep to make sure not you get hit on the counter, Full Backs support the whole of their line. The Midfield (1 CM Defend, 1 Deep Lying Playmaker, 1 Advanced Playmaker) are mainly used for the transition between defense and attack, and the 3 attacking players (1 Attacking Mid and 2 Strikers (Deep Lying Forward and Poacher/Advanced Forward) are relied on for the goals.

My team isn't world class either. There is just a few changes from the regular Newcastle team now. The team is GK Krul, RB Peruzzi, CB Coloccini, CB Mbiwa, LB Santon, CM Sissoko, CM Will Hughes, CM Cabaye, AM Ben Arfa, ST Paloschi/Fierro ST Ferreyra. Due to fixture congestion I do tend to fully rotate my team pretty much every midweek game, from the regular Premier League games- where i played my absolute strongest 11.

Screenshots are with this thread.

I just posted this thread to see whether any of you guys have had similar formations, or had a similar rise of meteoric defensive stats like this.

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For this tactic, obviously as its in the Prem the pitch size is standard. There tends not to be any opposition instructions unless I'm playing the big teams with good long range shooters on the wing i.e Hazard, Bale, Nani. I haven't tried it on any other teams as another tactic of mine won the league at Udinese after 2 seasons. There is no touchline shouts, I would normally in any other game, but I haven't needed to at all this season. For me, Team Talks depend on morale and form. At the minute my form and morale are both really right, so every game is I expect a win to keep or form going. Every now and then with the lowest rated teams I use the talk of your all very capable of winning this.My general training is Team Cohesion (High Intensity), I let my Assistant Manager to the match preparation. Not much individual training, 1 player for pens and free kicks and that. My coaches are just assigned to the one part.
7-1 against arsenal is great achievement mate keep up the good work
Just finished a full season with this tactic with Newcastle. 7th place in the Premier League (W18 D11 L9).
Thanks for the replies. As for The Muller, that's rather disappointing to be honest. Was the full season your very first, or something different?
Yeah, it was my first.

In my second season, I used your tactic for a couple of games but it just wasn't working out. I think at one point, I lost to Fulham 3-0.

Sorry, man.
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Ahh well. It seemed solid enough in your first season, but drawing 11 games with it wasn't the best. The reason I posted it on here was because if anything I thought my season was an anomaly. Sorry it didn't work out, hopefully other people have had success.