Mar 31, 2013
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I'm going to be making a database where all of Newcastle's best ever players are playing for them, with the age of 18-22, and place a transfer embargo on the club that lasts 15 years. I was wondering who you would have in their squads, and who I have missed, and who shouldn't be in this list. If there are any members of this site that have been supporting Newcastle for longer than 30 years, I'd very much like your input on stats of players that I am not old enough to have watched play. I only actively started supporting them in 2006.

Here's the squad:

GK: Given, Krul, Hislop.

DF: Albert, Barton, Colocinni, Woodgate, Peacock, Hudspeth, Enrique, Moncur, Debuchy.

MF: Ginola, Ben Arfa, Speed, Lee, Cabaye, Batty, Solano, Asprilla, Parker, Gillespie, Robert, Keegan, Gascoine.

FW: Shearer, McDonnald, Cole, Milburn, Beardsley.

Asprilla could be either Midfield or Forward, but I considered him to be an advanced midfielder/inside forward, like Thomas Muller, so I put him in the midfield category. What do you all think? Is there anyone I missed? Or rather, is there anyone that I wasn't old enough to see that should be in there, and in the place of who?
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I think thats spot on, ill defo download it when its finished mate
Great idea, but id remove the transfer embargo so you can improve the team further with some modern day players too! It would get boring after a season or two without being able to sign anyone...
Personally I'd have Keegan with a higher PA - in his time he was a properly international superstar footballer, with I think a larger European (global?) profile than Gazza, winning more honours along the way. He was European Footballer of the Year in 1978 and 1979 !

I'd also have Keegan in your Forwards choice and include Beardsley as an attacking midfielder rather than a striker.

BTW - no Chris Waddle?
I never got to see him play, so I forgot about him. Which defender should I replace with him?
I agree with herne79, What about Waddle? Or Beresford?
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What sort of players were they? I never got to see them play. Also, who should go, aside from probably Debuchy?
i would take away Cole and replace him with Mike Quinn
Chris Waddle was a left footed winger, who could play on the left or cut inside from the right and arguably better than any of the wingers you have already listed.

He was part of the England 1990 World Cup squad that lost in the semi final to Germany. Just don't mention his penalty ;).