Feb 16, 2009
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5th Season in. Have one of the best offensives in the game now looking to boost my defense. 42 million transfer budget.

my current lineup

DR: Alan Hutton
DCR Fabricio Coloccini
DCL: Mike Williamson
DL: Alex Sandro
DC - Phil Jones, Ranocchia, Galeano, Toloi, Shawcross

And where's Steven Taylor? He's better than Williamson.
Taylor was getting into major card troubles 2 or so yellows every month. So i transfered him out
ondrej mazuch i got him for 3mill in first season hes bout 19 at start i finkhis attribute sare amazing!! he startd at 3rating u decide?
P Jones (Blackburn) R Toloi (Goias) M Sakho (PSG) all good centre backs J Boateng (Man City) M Fernandes (D Moscow) Fullbacks I have all of them in my team and they are playing well
5th Season and you still have Colocinni... Has is he performing?
He actually gave me his best year during the 4th year averaged a 7.10 through 30 apps
get bassong back to st james's hes not expensive. him and taylor are solid for me
Ended up getting Bruno Manga and David Luiz along with a fullback regen from man utd
I am amazed you put up with Williamson and Coloccini...
Haha they weren't that bad for me the both put up pretty much 7.00 average ratings for 3 season and i had taylor for the first year to replace Williamson. My Strike force was banging in goals so it was a we can score more goals than you mentality.