Mar 12, 2011
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Right, so I'm starting a new save as Newcastle, Ive brought in Wellington nem and rail Albiol..
im planning on playing a 4-4-2 formation with AMR/AML
i have sold mike Williamson(£4m) James perch(£4.2m) and Sylvian marveaux(£8m)
I could do with a new first team rb then really I could do with a few players just to add depth
thanks in advance for suggestions!
first of all, check the transfer list.

secondly do u want young players? or older players that can get in starting 11 straight away?
I don't really want players over 28 and I can't find anyone on the transfer list who is good enough to go in to my first team as rb
Gino Peruzzi is a quality young right back mate. But you have to have the brazilian league loaded. Nathaniel Clyne is class, as is Montoya from Barcelona if you can get him loan. I had a great game going with Newcastle, really enjoyed it. I played 4-2-3-1. Had Ben arfa on the right cutting inside forward, and Wellington Nem as the AMC (BEAST!!!) only 3.5 million release clause, but you have to snap him up early. Adryan is another class act, 650k from Flamengo. Centre back there is Jores Okore, he is a brick wall and you hes got a release clause of 2 million or something if I remember correctly mate. Anita turns out good so keep hold of him if you can. Ademilson is probably the best striker on the game, you can get him for 5 million as well. Hope this helps
Thank you mate that was really helpful going to go for add million I have nem
I would go for ademilson because of the cheap release clause mate. Ciise is good as a poacher, as is ademilson so I would rotate them for a few games, until ademilson steetles in. Then you'll know when ademilson is ready as he won't stop scoring. Id play ben arfa on the right inside forward, ba on the left if you've still got him, I know hes at chelsea in real life but the update isn't on yet im guessing. Then nem as amc advanced playmaker support. Cabaye is unreal so he'll supply the passes from deep
I don't have ba no more edited the database to give Newcastle the new signings and also to give ba to Chelsea...could you recommend an aml? Or a good formation?
brazilian players i bought in first season with Newcastle Nem, ademilson, adryan, matheus, wallace, douglas santos, doria, fernando and fillipe anderson great contract clauses these lot, also i got anderson and okore and fierro on loan with an option to buy for 5 mill, hope this helps and i forgot if you want these brazilain players showing up on the search list put your second nationality to brazilain this really comes in handy as there are also great brazilain staff to get aswell, also 1 last thing when you pick the leagues to choose from make sure you pick brazil and put to playable
if you want mate i could post my shortlist to you of these players so you could download them onto your game