Oct 10, 2012
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each one of them is out for 2-3 months.. Nem he only played 2-3 games so far and now its the 2nd time he got injured my training is on averege/fitness anyone else with this problem?
now i have to play with half reserve team
Yeah I've been Newcastle before and tended to get 6-10 players out by injury at the same time. I don't think it's because it's Newcastle Probably just unlucky but I understand how annoying it can get.
Well, injuries depend on injury proneness, chances of a past injury recurring, pitch condition, physios, pressing and tempo of you play as well as squad rotation. However, I have managed three of the injured players and they rarely get injured playing a heavy pressing, fast tempo game but all the other factors are low risk. Injury proneness is often left to chance in every game due to the fact that very few players have a number in that field entered by the research team.

Another problem is possibly the fitness focus, never set fitness focus as it often causes injuries and lowers player condition, making them more likely to pick up injuries.
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another 2 players out with nnone back yet.. wtf??until the end of january i m gonna play wit youth team
i use rotation because of the pile of matches i have, pitch condition depends in which ground i play? i always have fitness on general training but never this happened