Dec 30, 2009
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Right, here goes.

I'm starting with Newcastle, the board have given me £1.5m to spend. The defence is rubbish so does anyone have a tactic that's not designed to be used by the likes of Man U, Arsenal etc that might give me a chance of winning any games? Bear in mind that my defenders are all pretty slow and have poor attributes for marking and tackling (they're incappable of tight marking).
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feel the same want a tactic for my swansea team for when i get into the epl as i am probably playing way too attacking for the epl.
Cheers SuperNellie, Did you make any signings? If so who did you sign and how much for?
Yeah I did. I'll take some screenshots now.
I also use IanC's training schedule. Not sure if that's made a difference.
yh mate i used to be newcastle i used these two tatics came 12th and 9th utill i gt a takeover and got more money
SuperNellie, How did you sign Fazio and Lukaku on loan? Are you using v11.2.1?

mvp, cheers, will give them both a try. Any tips for good signings?
rafael season long loan for right back, steven taylor and collocini are both decent but mathias jorgensen for about 1.2 mill is a decent buy for centre half aswell.
SuperNellie, How did you sign Fazio and Lukaku on loan? Are you using v11.2.1?

mvp, cheers, will give them both a try. Any tips for good signings?

No I was using patch 11.1 when i signed these. I think Fazio was transfer listed and if you can loan Lukaku if you give a good future fee. I set it as £5 million.
For the first seasons I'd try and sign a few players that I got. I would definitely recommend Maresca. Or use some sort of scout tool to find the best players available on your budget.
You need a backup for Jose Enrique, so I suggest you loan a LB and probably get Fazio for 500k. Enzo Maresca & Gai Assulin are also good players, and if you manage to sell a couple of your own, maybe buy a young winger like John Fleck or Spas Delev? Hope that helped =D!
i think before you start a newcastle save you should go on the editor and put andy carrols ca and pa up about 10-20 each and also improve kevin nolan etc
this could be classed as cheating but carroll and nolan are very underrated in the game so it is just essentially making it more realistic?
yh mate get a new gk i doont fink harper is gd enough for the team and krul for a couple of season get enyeama gd keeper and gets better also make sure ben arfa is AMC with Nolan as back up he was deadly for me until he gt injured get macheda on loan gt 15 goals 4 me and the most important is u gt 2 gd CB cuz campbell is rubbush and williamson is nt much better
Mark, I wouldn't waste money on a keeper. Krul has practically played for me since the beginning and I've had no complaints. He keeps getting better too. He's great at saving penalty's. He saved 5 in a row over the course of a few games for me.
Have tried loads of tactics, plenty of new games. I can't win any games. I keep conceding loads of goals. What's the secret to winning games?
Good tactics, good players, tactical consistency.
good tactics? I've tried a load from the web and keep conceding 4/5 goals per game ! My players cant score !
If your looking for a defender sign jose goncalves hes avaidable for nothing at the start. He gets an average rating of 7 for me at Newcastle