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Jun 30, 2011
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Hi guys,

I've made a lot of haircuts for newgens (or regens, what we call in Holland) which I want to share. But I can't get them working into FM. The problem is that any expansion pack I download is not working in FM for me since 'I did something'. The expansion packs worked for me for months, till today when I wanted to updated some packs.

Example with an another expansion pack. This is what it has to look like in the map 'hair' and what I got:

But when I start a new career I only got the standard FM haircuts. What can I do?
These are my FM preferences :

And yes, the maps are right and the configs too. I started FM/Steam again and again, but can't find a solution.

This is the link from the expansion pack from another FM manager: Sports Interactive Community
When someone can fix my problem I can upload all my haircuts and share them.

Koen (From Holland)

Preview from my haircuts when this solution is fixed: