Newly Created FM14 Tactic! 4-4-2 Diamond


Nov 15, 2009
Hi there I recently made this tactic and so far ive only played 6 games in the league as Everton i've lost 2 games one against west ham 2-1 and the other against west brom 3-0 i know they are some poor results but of the 4 i won i beat cardiff 4-0 Swansea 4-1 cardiff 2-1 away and then spurs 4-0 the tactic itself needs some tweaks and in all honesty i'm not great when it comes to that, and so I made this post hoping some of you would test it out and or make some tweaks, please post you're results so i can have a nose.

also for anyone who wants to know, the Tactic is played as rigid and counter so they don't make many bad passes, the DMC is and Anchor Man, and the right ST is a Target Man the other is the Poacher. It would be good if the team had an average passing of 13 - 15 but obviously more is better.

I also noticed throughout my friendlies that my defense wasn't ticking so i focused my training on defense however when my friend used the tactic his attack wasn't strong enough so he focused his training there.

thank you.

Tactic link: 4-4-2 DTxD - Download - 4shared - Matthew Maxfield

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