May 23, 2013
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Hey lads and lasses,

So just been promoted with Forest in my first season on fm13. To be fair, from just a little research on these forums I managed to put together a team that is probably too good for the Championship with 7 million transfer funds spent, but I'm looking for some recommendations of players to come in and keep myself afloat on my new challenge...

This is my first team:


----------------Cohen------------ Bressan------------------
Tello----------Adryan/Boudjemaa--------Wellington Nem


(Bench: Darlow, ***, Hutchinson, Collins/Doria, Boudjemaa/Adryan, Lansbury, Lascelles)

So obviously desperate to stay up this coming season. I've highlighted a few key areas for improvement:
- Both fullbacks,
- A goalkeeper,
- A defensive midfielder (I've overloaded on attacking midfield options, but no anchormen to speak of really, and I think that might be necessary in the premiership - I'm thinking for difficult games I'll drop by AMC to DMC and play the more defensive variation of 4-5-1. What do you guys think?),
- A young striker.
- Also, tie down Sharp and Ayala full time (they're on loan).

Expecting my transfer budget to be around £10 million, so not all that much elbow room to get all of the above done.
Do you guys have any low premier league level, relatively cheap players to recommend? Any surprising bargains that might come available at this stage in the game (Like Tello for £2million) to speak of? I'd really prefer them to be British, though, as none of my transfers so far have been, and there's been communication problems, and I just like having English teams.

Also would you guys recommend making keeping Sharp and Ayala my priority? Both were huge parts of my Championship campaign, and I think it's important to have some continuity between the team that got promoted and the team fighting to stay up. Or do you think I should just let them go and try and find better alternatives?

Looking forward to some much-appreciated advice!!!
You re using pre-January update Im guessing and Im a little rusty with it but Ill try:

1. Full back - Carles Planas/Laurens De Bock
2. GK Vincent Enyeama/Ospina
3. Def mid: Mate Simao/G. Pizarro/S. Strandberg
4. Young striker: Is Ademilson still at S. Paulo with a 5.25 rel clause? If so there you go. Much cheaper (and older) but very productive: C. Danalache. Or use Wellington Nem at cf and buy a winger.

British/English players, like real life are too expensive mate ...