Dec 22, 2011
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Now my last story was a Real Madrid story where I focused on signing and playing Spanish players. After a season and a half it got too easy, I won the league by 100 points 1st season and had a 100% winning record going into January second season. Now though I am going to make a new story dictated on what you guys want to see. Here are the options:

Leverkusen (Germany)-This would be another story similar to the last, focusing on German players

Sampdoria (Italy)-Just a straight story, trying to take them to the top of Serie A

Belgium(International)-I will take over the young guns of Belgium and attempt to win the most international trophies out of any manager ever

Porto (Portugal)-I like the Porto squad, with good young players such as James Rodriguez and Juan Iturbe, while they have a great CM in Joao Moutinho

Well these are the choices. Tell me what you want to see and why please!
Leverkusen as international management can get tedious and Porto get boring with the league being so easy or thats what has happened with other peoples Porto stories, would be nice to see someone being a club in Germany that isnt Dortmund!
Belgium, possibly with a Belgium club like Genk or Anderlecht.
I think I'll go with Porto �� thanks guys ill probably start tomorrow