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Oct 4, 2005
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XBOX360 users here should find this useful.

Once again Gamespot broke an embargo and by the time they noticed the leak, the Internet savvies saved the video and put it up on YouTube.

The movie, which you can see below, takes a detailed look at the new features that will debut with the next Xbox 360 dashboard update.

YouTube- Xbox 360 Spring 2007 Dashboard Update Video

Beginning the morning of Monday, May 7, you'll be able to download the 2007 spring system update for the Xbox 360, which provides new features and enhancements for the dashboard, including a dedicated Xbox Live Marketplace blade, Windows Live Messenger interoperability, improved functionality for Achievements, downloads and movies. Taken from

Edited, came across this just which will help with Messenger and maybe RTS games will support in the future.

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Looks pretty sweet. Must be improving things to try avoid people going off them for ps3
Yeh I saw this the other day. The integration with Live Messenger is definately a plus.
Woooooo if it's true about xvid support then that's amazing. I hate having to convert everything into wmv's if i want to watch them.
I hate having to convert everything into wmv's if i want to watch them.

What do you use to convert videos? i can only find trials or some **** like that which leave text on the images.
Erm I use VLC Player to convert them.

Just download and install VLC Player to C:\VLC\

Then download the attached file below, unzip it to wherever your shared xbox folder is then simply drag and drop the avi files onto the .bat file attached and then the files will open in VLC and convert :)
Screw all that i shall just wait then i can watch some films i dl on the box
It means I can watch some of the things I have backed up on data DVD's now as well :D

Also being able to play protected WMV files should hopefully let me watch the downloaded Man Utd highlights and stuff too.
Well hopefully the dashboard update will be out sometime this week like Microsoft announced a while back.

Apparently though it isn't going to support avi files which is a bummer :(
It's out now. The Windows Live Messenger part is annoying me already because I can't find out how to change my display name. It is showing as 'Sean (at uni)' which I last used on MSN over a month ago.

So does anyone know how to change the name??
I'll log on later and see if I can, providing you haven't already figured it out.
Hmm well I think it used that name because I was still signed in on my PC so it used my last alternative name. When I am logged out on the PC and then sign in on Xbox it will use the last name I used on Windows Live Messenger. But it would be nice if it was possible to change the name on the xbox.
for sum unknown reason i havent done this update yet lol, can u talk from xbox to pc then?
omfg!!!! ses i cant go on msn cus i am a child!
yeah!, i dont know if thats my xbox live account or my msn passport account