NEYMAR is seriously under performing HELP!!!


Apr 7, 2009
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in 2016

using raikans complete madness

put him as left winger, right winger, inside forward on both sides,

put him on leave for 1week to get fit, morale is high

average rating for this year is 6.8 :'( which is the wrost in my team by far, but last year he was one of my best players

any advice on specific roles, training, positions ... long shots? cut inside, freedom? anything that will help .

help a brother out lol :)
Has he been playing on the wings for you? I had to observe his movement for a while and his stats and concluded he is best as a striker. He averages 7.5 for me last season.
I played him Attacking left for 2 seasons and he did superbly, recently promoted him to strike in 2017 seasons and he scored, 11 goals in 6 games so far. Im using neza 3-3-3-1 tactic.
Play him as an IF Left with a AMC (AP) and a RW (Attack) duties... seems to bang in around 20-25 goals in all comps a season
thanks for the help guys, hes doinf much better this season, 2nd best scorer after volland who is on fire (2016) same tactics as last year, guess he just stepped his game up, but going to train him more on inside forward and cut inside i think will get most out of him that way,

at one point last season i fined him 2weeks wages for underperforming consistantly and he pretty much accepted it after a talk

and then i said i was going to put him on transfer list and he accepted saying he doesnt think hes good enough for the squad

now hes the most expensive player in the game

will see how it goes this season and let you guys know how he ends up :)
Play him as a striker (Poacher) and he will bag heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps of goals, i guarentee it