May 13, 2012
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Hi guys, I've created my first FM tactic. I found great success with my Newcastle team with this tactic, and it suits a variety of players, especially the temptation to play two strikers, squeezing all your best players into the team. I frequent the site, so feel free to ask any questions or for any screenshots on here.


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As you can see, the formation is specifically as 3-3-2-1-2, although it is simply a classic 3-5-2. I wanted an emphasis on getting ~8 players defending while maintaining a threat on the break, and being able to get players forward while we are in control. Here the team instructions are designed to keep the team's shape while defending, although the strategy is set to attack. A balanced mentality means the wide midfielders are going to act like wing-backs when defending, and the defensive midfielders will hold position when needed. The DLP is set to be the playmaker, which is handy because he is going to be the link from defense to attack, and an out-ball when attacks further up the pitch are closed down. The target man is, naturally, the target man.


Nothing special, obviously the better the player then great.

These are set to be ball-playing defenders, but passing is not essential. However, the "more direct" passing setting and counter attacking tendencies mean passing is a bonus. The central defender is set to cover, so put your fastest/best reader of the game here, and your stoppers either side.

Defensive midfielder (support)
This guy is your box-to-box midfielder. Somebody like M'Vila is perfect, as this player needs a good work rate, tackling, stamina, passing, and decisions. Long shots are useful too, as he tends to get to the edge of the box, and I have long shots set to "sometimes".
Top class: Yaya Toure, Vidal, Schweinstieger, De Rossi
Middle-class: Javi Garcia, Fernandinho, Asamoah, Nainggolan

Deep-lying playmaker (defend)
Your Pirlo, Busquets, Carrick. Likely to be the most gifted passer in your team, this player has to have great passing, first touch, anticipation, and positioning, the latter two as his duty is set to defend, so he is the first line of defence against counter-attacks. The PPMs "tries long passes" and "likes to switch ball to opposite flank" are useful, as he will have a lot of time and space on the ball.
Top Class: Pirlo, Xavi, Busquets, Xabi Alonso
Middle-Class: Carrick, Witsel, Lucas, Nocerino

Wingers (support)
Basically, the more complete players you have for this position, the better. As mentioned above, they act as wingbacks when the team is defending, so work rate and positioning is important. For this reason, I have converted wingbacks to play this position. However, the tactical instructions are fairly strict, so if you have a very flamboyant winger who you cannot afford to leave out of your team, feel free to play them here.
Top Class (Bear in mind this is meant to be a box-to-box role, but feel free to play proper wingers too): Asamoah, Dani Alves, Jordi Alba, Bale
Middle-Class: Ramires, Blaszczkowski, Valencia, Alaba

Attacking midfielder (attack)
A Sneijder is perfect here. This player will not do much defensively, but when the team is in possession moving the ball up the pitch, he will drop into the midfield to collect the ball, sometimes deeper than the two DMs. However, in the final third he will lurk around the penalty spot waiting for service, and turn the front two into a three. As mentioned above, Sneijder would be perfect, as he has the passing, off the ball, creativity, and finishing to excel.
Top Class: Sneijder, Yaya Toure, Wilshere, Mata etc

Target man (support)
This role is quite flexible as it is, however feel free to change it to DLF, T, or CF as you see fit. I have the role set to target man, but because the supply is set to mixed, it is best to have a strong all-rounder and not just a big man here, someone in the mould of Rooney, Cavani, or Ba would be great. If you have the players, feel free to set the two strikers to swap positions.

Again, feel free to change the roles, but I have to have a poacher in my team so there is always a threat on the shoulder of the last man. No necessary explanation, although we do play direct and on the counter at times so pace is a great asset.

Results (Full Season Using This Tactic)
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Other Notes
Long throws are a bonus, especially due to having 3 centre backs on the pitch. (Addisu is my centre back and scored tons that season from throw-ins)
Set training, match prep to whatever you want, obviously will be better at full synch
If you want screenshots of my players, or anything else then just ask

Finally, here is an average positions screen from a comfortable win against West Ham, a game where we'd expect keep our shape AND attack. Hopefully all of the explanations will come good in this picture. Basically, when attacking it's the 3 defenders then the DLP, then the DM and wingers breaking forward to support the front 3.

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Other than that, enjoy 3-5-2 Diamond DLF.tac 3-5-2 Diamond TM.tac
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Hi Nick, Like the look of your tactic but I'd like to see some more information here in your thread before I could commit to a full length test or anything.
I know you posted a lot of info in the download area but really that needs to be here W4nker above said :)

Could you also include information on, Match Training/General training, the use of Opposition Instructions (if any) and shouts again if any are used. Or if you leave all that to your assistant manager..

I wish you the best of luck with your tactic and hope that you get some testers soon.
Done, on the training and opposition instructions, I don't do anything fancy in training (fitness high pre-season, balanced high other times, and lower intensity and give more rest if the squad is tired.) Opposition instructions I'm a little more meticulous with, I usually leave them to my assistant, but if the opponent has tricky dribblers or elegant playmakers I set closing down, hard tackling, and tight marking.

PS On the images front, they may be different sizes as some are uploaded to the site and some from dropbox, if there's any issues let me know.
Can you renew the pictures? I can see it no :(
where is the link?

Ah, I removed the link when I updated the post, I'll attach the file to top post

EDIT: Done now, will add suggested players at different levels (all for top-flight teams though), and will get some videos of the tactic in action done. I'm pretty busy with homework at the moment, exams coming up etc.
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Started a save with Napoli using this tactic, using strikers as DLF and AF. Had some great results, 8-1 vs QPR pres season, 2-0 against Juventus in the Super Cup, 3-0 vs Atletico Madrid in the Europa League, and this 6-1 thrashing of Fiorentina in Serie A.
Hamsik's goal in particular shows how effective the tridente is, I actually prefer the DLF/AF combination to a TM/P duo. Jovetic and Cavani are perfect for the two roles. The match stats tell the full story.
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are you using any opposition instructions if you assistant manager is not so good?!?
I usually change the assistant manger's to my principle - close down fast tricky players and mark and tackle elegant passers. But Francisco Ayesteran (hopefully spelled right) is good already.

Btw, had really good results with Napoli with this tacitc, won 24 out of 24 so far in Serie A. May do a Liverpool save soon.