Nicolas Anelka retires from International football


Dec 16, 2009
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title says it all. huge shame but could see this happining. From a Chelsea point of view im happy because now he can focus 100% on Chelsea.
An international career ended in shame. However bad Domenech is, swearing at him during a key match is unacceptable.
Why did he retire Domenech is leaving at the end of the WC anyways
Anelka's a disgrace. It should be an honour to wear your national shirt whoever the manager is, and to retire in a huff is awful really.
big loss to France, he is still a class player
I'm sure he went a long time without being called up once for a previous huff he had? Altho I may be wrong...
XD why?

The guy he has fell out with it is going.
Has he retired or is it like that idiot scottish guy, who swore at the tv cameras from the bench, has he been banned by the french fa?

Anelka is such a ****.
oh well never mind, he has never produced for france anyways. he can now look foward to focusing on chelsea or what ever the next club he decides to go too.
When it comes to swearing at camera's, Drogba ftw.
that is shocking it really is, i can never understand players that do it.

your country calls you go, end of.
He really does not respect the French shirt.............Alot of people will give anything to wear it at a World Cup
very silly time to retire, domenech is leaving theres a new coach coming
I get the feeling that he may have been forced into retirement by the French FA due to how much of a **** he was in the WC.
He's like a petulant child.Really bad time to leave the international scene and this has obvious links to his relationship with the heavily under-fire Raymond Domenech.
Good decision for Anelka to be honest.

Already sent home so by the time the next Euro's come round he will be 33/34 so I doubt he will even feature regardless if he didn't get sent home.
It's probably beacuse his star sign is pisces
So basically, all he did was take up a squad place that could have been used to blood an up and coming youngster, who would have given his all for the shirt? Disgraceful.