Dec 4, 2010
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Here's a amazing-looking new wonderkid. His name is Nika Kvekveskiri, he is 18, and starts off at Bulgarian side Baia Zugdidi.

Name: Nika Kvekveskiri
Club: Feyenoord (Although he doesn't start off here)
D.O.B: 29/05/1992
Nationality: Georgian
Position: Right Back
Agent: Levan Sepiashvili

Heading, acceleration, passing, tackling, concentration

Positioning, anticipation, determination, strength

Description: Full back
Personality: Balanced

Suggested Roles:

Wing Back - Defend ; or Ball Playing Defender - Defend


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CA 106 ; PA 163
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Well,i would not give him so much credit,because of the fact that he injures himself often,but search for Paul Papp,Cornel Rapa or Valerica Gaman,they are better than this guy.
He's decent, maybe suits middle - bottom EPL teams.

I think he can do better than that. In my opinion he can easily fit (Look at the spoiler at the bottom for his CA and PA if you want) into a top 10 chasing premier league side and can even do well for the bigger sides.
On my current Arsenal save he's crushing bundesliga in Bremen. Avarage rating 7.97 and scout says that it would take 18m to buy him.
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i bought him on my man utd game, didnt get a WP to start but used Raikans handy trick to get him one, has improved, and been tutored once by Rio Ferdinand before he retired.

im sure there is room for more improvement too.