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Sep 15, 2005
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Well as some of you are probably aware the Nintendo Revolution will now be called the Nintendo Wii. For me Revolution was a great name for the new console but I suppose the thinking behind the new name is valid and will hopefully show people that it's a console for friends and not just single players.
who's goin 2 buy a nintendo when u can buy a 360 o a PS3?
i appreciate it lol

had a look just couldnt be arsed posting lol

mikey is right though

as with the gamecube, it may be good in its own right but cant really compete with microsoft or sony :)
got 2 agree, Nintendo are alway going 2 come 3rd.
Best name ever to be honest ;)

Seriously though, Wii just sounds pathetic.
Mikey B said:
who's goin 2 buy a nintendo when u can buy a 360 o a PS3?

Me. I think that's checkmate.
how do you pronouce it, is it 'wee' ''w2'' ''W eye'' or what?
It's pronounced we.

Nice contribution to the thread mossy. ;)
2 interesting news items about the Wii....

There will be a more traditional controller available


It will also be using Opera to browse the internet :thup: