No changing tactics or subbing during match

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
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I redownloaded FM12, as it's the last of the old type of ME, which is superior in many things in my opinion (this doesn't mean I'm not conceding the new the potential to be much better, or that I'm saying the current is bad). But when I'm in a match, there aren't any buttons to change tactics, make subs or switch tactics anywhere. In neither TV view, out of TV view or any tab. Clicking my team sends me out of the match. Right clicking opens a menu with options not applicable inside the match. Changing the skin doesn't bring them back. Also, at half time there's no team talk screen or anything, it stays on the pitch view with the button to play to begin the second half, like I was watching a past match.

I can't find anything about the issue anywhere.