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No friendlies for England

Jan 29, 2010
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Hello again,

I've been looking all over the net for a solution, or even other people that have this problem but to no avail, so will hope to find answers here.

I'm in season 2022/2023 and I have just noticed that England have not played a friendly since 2019... None have been arranged and just play World Cup and Euro qualifiers

I noticed it because my best english players were never being called up whenever there were friendly matches being played between other nations.

I only found one other post on the 'net, and they reckoned that it might be because they were using Superbladesman's expansion. I am using the 'lite' version, I wonder if that's what's caused it.

I then added a new manager to be manager of England just to check but I couldn't arrange any friendly at all as there were no dates to click, everything was unavailable.

Jamie Carragher has been manager of England since 2016, and despite never getting past a group stage has never been sacked, his job status has always been "Stable". Does this resonate with anyone?

Sorry if my post is out of place, it's just frustrating getting this many seasons under my belt only to find that the national team I want to manage can't play friendly matches.