Sep 4, 2009
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I have been going through the "Show off your regens" thread and everyone seems to be having amazing regens generated early on in the game (like 3 to 4 seasons in). I never get regens this good and this young at the start so my question is: Are these regens being generated by the game itself or are the people using some sort of editor (FMRTE for example) to make their regens better?

I have managed mostly all English teams and my scouting network is excellent, so if someone was out there i would have found him!!
Which team are you managing? Do you have the box ticked to filter out unrealistic transfers? If you're a small team, the best regens might be considered unrealistic and therefore don't show up.
First it's not nice to presume people are cheating and using an editor, yes it happens but again you can offend people quite easily by doing so.

You have to remember that all those regens are from across hundreds of saves with different teams in different nations. Most will sign contracts near instantly and unless you're one of the very top clubs they'll pretty much always refuse to join you once they've signed a contract.
Generally you get 1 really brilliant regen every season or two I find, it's just about getting lucky and finding them early enough and being in a position to sign them.
kurtkeoki I am playing with wolves atm but I have that box unchecked so I get all the regens I currently am aware about
TJDO7 you are speaking as though this is my first save, I did not mean to offend anyone but throughout my saves I only got regens this good in fm 10, certainly nobody in fm 13 and I am 5 seasons in, on the other hand, I see regens with 17s and 18s for atts at the same time as I am right now, I just don't understand why they are getting amazing regens and I am not!