No More El Dude Brothers :"(

I think that it should carry on. I think with just a bit more advertising and it would be a hit.
I think putting it on at 10pm Friday night is a really stupid time slot for it, considering its target audience are mostly not the sort to sit in on a friday watching TV.

If they put it on on Wednesday or something it would get double the ratings. Stupid idea, because they're too lazy to poll on opinions.
:eek: John did you post on the SI forums cos someone said the exact same thing!

That th target audience was at the pub on Friday and that it shuda been showe don Wednesday
Nah, never been on the SI forums in my life.

But its true, if they actually gave a **** about the show they'd give it a try on a different time slot.
El Due Bros are sorta back

[ame=""]The Mitchell And Webb Situation [DVD] [2001]: David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Olivia Colman, Gus Brown, Susan Earl, Janice Phayre, Andy Hollis: DVD[/ame]

Not sure if this acutally got released, I might get it

Channel 4 has commissioned new series of Friday night comedies Peep Show and The IT Crowd, despite lacklustre ratings for both.

Speculation had been rife that the network was planning to axe Peep Show after its most recent series averaged just 1.3 million viewers. Lead actors David Mitchell and Robert Webb, who were being considered for a sketch show project, have now signed on for the fourth series, although it is currently unknown when production will commence.

C4 has also given the go-ahead to a second, eight-episode series of office-based sitcom The IT Crowd, for transmission early in 2007. All of the main cast have signed on for series two, as well as series producer Ash Atalla.
Hurrah! Peep Show and The IT Show are both quality shows.
is IT show good? not watched any but it looks cheap and cheesy
Yeh it is one of those sort of comedy shows. The black guy in it is a legend. Was better in Garth Marenghi though :)
yeh noticed he was in it, i was a fan of Garth when i first saw it but got it on dvd, watched 1 ep and didt really like it, ive sitll to watch it...infact might watch it now cos Seve Merchants in it