Aug 9, 2011
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Hi all I have just ran into a major problem just now in my current season I have just started the second half of extra time and their is not a play button therefore I am unable to start the match. I made a substitution and clicked confirm and little behold their was not a play button to be seen. Normally I would just quit the game and load it back again but it is not as easy as I have not saved it for six months please help it would greatly be appreciated.
Real sorry to hear about this. You can try button and click smashing. I've had this come up 2 or 3 times. Once it started after I button smashed... Others I had to restart the game.
But why you no save for six months!? You should no better, come on....
I auto save every 2 weeks, and save manually in important cup matches just in case something BAD happens.

But sorry, don't think I can help yah
Press spacebar? Click on a player and go back? Do something, try. Don't restart having to do 6 months all over again!